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The Hoppy Adventures of Our Tripawd Brittany

Two Month Ampuversary!

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Rusty rockin’ his new Tripawds bandana.

Today marks TWO MONTHS since Mister Rusty became a super tripawd and I could not be more proud of this little guy.  I can’t believe that two months and one week ago I was standing in a vet’s office looking at an x-ray of Rusty’s knee, hearing the words “cancer” and “amputation” for the first time and standing there desperately trying to process what was happening, trying not to start sobbing and trying to stop my body from shaking uncontrollably.  Then two months and 5 days ago I was staying up way too late reading online about cancer and amputations in medical journals when I decided to find out what real people had to say about these subjects and wonder of wonders I found and everything changed. As I read blog entries and forum posts I became less scared, more confident, more optimistic and most importantly less alone. Every day I am thankful for this community. I had battled hemangiosarcoma with my dog Lucy and the difference that having the support of this community and sharing in other people’s journeys after Rusty’s diagnosis has made all the difference in the world.

Give me the treat!

We are celebrating today! One thing that cancer has taught us is that milestones big and tiny are important and should be celebrated. Rusty’s Tripawds bandana arrived in time for this ampuversary and he looks pretty smart sporting his new blue kerchief.  Rusty Buckets has had a fun day: ride in the car, hop around the block, ice cream cone, lots of treats, PT with more treats, belly rubs, ear scratches, neck scratches, celebration muffin, bird stalking, yard sniffing, sun bathing, lots of napping – you know ALL the good stuff.

Enjoying some sunshine

Please give your buddies a hug or an Angel kiss for us today in honor of this little hopper!

Lots of Love, Amy & Mister Rusty Bucket

Showing off his new duds

PS. My sister gave me this mug, isn’t it the coolest?

Love this Mug!



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  1. Milhouse

    Sounds like a fun day of celebrating! Congrats!
    🙂 Lindsey & Milhouse

    • misterrustybucket

      Awh thanks Lindsey & Milhouse it was a fun day – you will be there soon. Sounds like Milhouse is doing well, what a cutie.
      Love, Amy & Rusty

  2. jerry

    Rusty! You are really showing how it’s done on three legs. That proud look on your face and your stance says it all. We are SO hoppy for you!

    Thank you for showing your humans how to Be More Dog during the scariest of times. I can tell that life is so much better for you all, and it really makes our hearts happy. Keep on with the pawsitivity!

    • misterrustybucket

      Thanks so much for your very kind words. You are right Mister Rusty is most definitely showing us how it is done. He has just taken everything in stride (ha ha) and it has become impossible for us to complain about anything. Tough day at work? Rusty has 3 legs. Rabbits ate all the cucumbers? Rusty only has 3 legs. Headache? They took one of his legs clean off! It really does give you a new perspective.
      We love him so much and are so thankful for every day we spend together.
      Love, Amy & Rusty

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